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LIKYA is a process engineering company specialized in the design, project and consulting industrial plants. Likya offers a full project management especially for treatment plants and chemical dosing systems that covers design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, performance guarantees and on-going maintenance services across the world.

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R&D Activities

Designs and development works are provided before the investment and during the operation in the private sector and the industrial sector

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Online Monitoring

Online monitoring systems are established for monitor and control of the data obtained from the area by a central station.

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Reverse Osmosis (RO)

These systems are used for lowering the level of the water needs of the ion charge and removal.

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Demineralization Systems

The removal of the cation and anion ion in water is demineralization process. This process is occurred with using ion exchangers contained in the resin or RO + EDI systems.

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The automation system views and controls the all system automatically. Water quality, pressure, temperature, production rate are fixed by the automation system and when the intervention is needed operators are stimulated.

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Chemical Dosage and Conditioning

This process contains the chemical dosing systems, selection of the required equipment for preparation and dosing of chemicals for the process, design, manufacture, skid and assembly.


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